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Therapeutic Massage

Members: $70.00, Guests: $80


Classic European Facial

A classic style facial that is tailored to your skin type. Cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturize. A hand and scalp treatment is also included. (50 minutes)

Members: $85.00, Guests: $95.00


Deep Cleansing Facial

For congested skin. Includes a cleanse, deep cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme with steam, extractions, high frequency, balm treatment, mask and moisturize. (45 minutes)

Members: $95.00, Guests: $105.00


Glycolic Peel Facial

See a reduction in surface wrinkles. Works to even out the top layers of the skin and stimulate collagen while potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives prevent free radical damage and irritation. Intensive anti-aging. (45 minutes)

Members: $85.00, Guests: $95.00



A microdermabrasion alternative, this is a non-invasive, painless procedure in which dead skin cells and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) are removed. More than just exfoliation, dermaplaning speeds up new healthy cell production, helps to remove light surface wrinkles, lightens uneven hyperpigmentation, makes pores appear smaller, and helps smooth acne scarring. It makes facial products and treatments more effective and enhances makeup.

Members: $125, Guests: $135


Microneedling Facial

Members: $130, Guests: $140



All facials described below are GM Collin clinical, signature facials.

Members: $145, Guests: $155


Thermo-Corrective Treatment creating a cooling effect on the skin. This enriched treatment provides immediate and long lasting hydration. Its thermo-cooling effect on the skin makes a remarkable decongesting treatment. Ideal for sensitive, rosacea, couperosed and acne-prone skin.

Oxygenating Treatment—Oxygenating & Purifying

Oxygenating Treatment is the revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin. The 5-step treatment, formulated with BHA (2% Salicylic Acid), AHAs (15% Glycolic and Lactic Acids) and a unique Oxygen Complex, normalizes, detoxifies and hydrates in-depth to give skin back its natural radiance and glow. The skin becomes luminous, moisture-balanced and younger looking.


Hydrolifting—Lifting & Firming

A clinical treatment that includes four progressive steps that work in synergy to cleanse, hydrate, revitalize and firm the skin. Perfect before a special event, wedding or public appearance. Benefits include:

  • Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes and improves the skin’s elasticity for more radiant skin
  • Moisturizes and rejuvenates the look of the skin
  • For all skin types

Collagen 90-II

G.M. Collin’s undisputed expertise - hydrating age-defying treatment. With age, the cellular renewal process is delayed. Facial contours lose their definition and the skin appears to sag. Collagen 90-II is an exclusive age-defying treatment by G.M. Collin Skin Care that associates a pure native collagen sheet with selected ingredients to provide intense hydration, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of aging. It restores moisture, leaving the skin well hydrated and radiant. Recommended for all skin types.


G.M. Collin’s signature age-defying treatment. This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides including Matrixyl®, Myoxinol®, Argireline® and Retinol. This relaxing treatment session offers pleasant textures and exquisite essences delivering an overall sense of well-being. An ideal treatment for people determined to mask the signs of aging. Benefits include:

  • After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed
  • Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • The skin appears visibly younger



  Members Guests
Classic Spa Manicure $ 30.00 $35.00
Shellac Manicure $ 35.00 $40.00
Gentlemen's Manicure $ 15.00 $20.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure $ 60.00 $65.00
Classic Spa Pedicure $ 45.00 $50.00
Polish Change $ 10.00 $15.00



  Members Guests
Brow Wax $ 15.00 $17.00
Brow Tint $ 10.00 $12.00
Eyelash Tint $ 15.00 $17.00
Lip Wax $ 10.00 $12.00
1/2 Leg Wax $ 40.00 $45.00
Full Leg Wax $ 50.00 $55.00
Underarm Wax $ 15.00 $17.00
Bikini Wax $ 35.00 $40.00
Brazilian Wax $ 55.00 $65.00